Dear Pewaukee friends,

The Friends of the Parks of Pewaukee is excited to announce our newest fundraising campaign for an all-inclusive playground and splash pad at the Pewaukee Sports Complex. 

Our goal is simple – to build an all-inclusive playground and splash pad that offers children and their families a fun, safe, judgment-free space to play, laugh and feel like they belong – regardless of their abilities.

The design and equipment at this playground and splash pad will be specifically created to meet a variety of sensory needs. It will offer opportunities for learning and exploration. It will take away physical and social barriers and nurture kindness, belonging and acceptance. It will foster inclusion and respect – and, of course, will be fun for all that visit!

This project is inspired by the daughters of Shana Belich and Erica Okrzesik, Ivana and Macy. Ivana, who acquired a hypoxic brain injury at birth, and Macy, who was born with organic brain damage. They both enjoy playgrounds and other activities the same as other children but are not always provided proper accommodations to do so. 

Ivana and Macy are not alone. Approximately 1 in 54 children by age 8 is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which is just one example of children that will benefit from the playground and splash pad. This project is an opportunity for our community to provide a safe place for all children to play together, just as Ivana and Macy love to do. 

The Friends of the Parks has organized a team of parents that have children of different abilities and needs to help move this project forward. We hope that you join these families to help us meet our fundraising goals. 

This is more than a playground and splash pad. To us it is our heart and soul. It is about education and advocacy. It’s about inclusion. It’s about community. 

Donate today at friendsofpewaukeeparks.com and visit us to discover more information about this project. Please also contact the Friends of the Parks of Pewaukee with any questions or to inquire about additional sponsorship opportunities. 

We thank you for your donation and support. 


The Friends of the Parks of Pewaukee